The Magenta Coffee & Wine

After a long day of meeting or enjoy Bandung city tour, take a break and join us in Magenta Lounge. This lounge in Bandung is perfectly designed with a Retro style which can reveal your memories back to your lovable moment. Magenta lounge open daily starts from 6.30 AM, it can accommodate up to 60 people. The Lounge serves light meals such as a sandwich, cake, and churros with melted chocolate. Magenta Lounge must try menu is a thin crispy Italian Pizza which will be perfect if we pair it with Magenta Especiale, a dragon fruit juice mix with plain yogurt and honey. Alcoholic drinks including several exclusive wines are also available.


Enjoy the delicious cakes & drinks to unwind your day in Bandung

With listed wine and drink choices, The Magenta Lounge is perfect for an after-work happy hour or post-dinner drink, the privacy ambiance and quality of service are amongst the favorites for hotel guests.


Daily Fresh Delights

Enjoy a fine beverage selection for your afternoon breeze moment. Selects best drink offer at Magenta, enjoy 20% off for Student, Bankers, Hospitality industries (airlines, tour& travel, & hotel), Media, Monthly birthday guest (example: guest who has a birthday in May get 20% off). Terms & Conditions apply


Warmest Coffee

Someone said that all you need to start your day is a glass of coffee and a good book. Go enjoy your morning coffee routine and boost your mood for a whole day. Choose your favorite coffee now at Magenta


Classic Desserts

Enjoy our best pastry selection with your favorite beverage choices at Magenta. Save 50% for our bread and save 20% off for our signature pastry every day after 5 PM. Terms & Conditions apply